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From: Direct Pay System HQ, 2nd Floor, Last Door On Left, #8

Dear Futuristic Entrepreneur,

I have to be totally honest and up-front with you.


If you're broke, skeptical beyond recognition, or secretly desiring unicorns deliver chests of gold to your front door, while you sleep, this is certainly not the report (or program, for that matter) for you.

Reason being is because I'm not here to waste your time nor will I permit you to use us as another excuse as to why you're not financially free, still struggling to make ends meet, to acquire a surplus of cash and assets v/s notes and liabilities, even after all these years of "working hard".


So if I've offended you, then that's a good start.
At least I know I've got your attention. Because no matter how pissed, annoyed or frustrated you get, you will not be able to go to sleep tonight without knowing the one SECRET about how incredibly easy it is to build a freedom-based, lifestyle business around YOU.

The good news moving forward is that...



Trust me, you do NOT
want to be this guy when
you're 40...

In the pages below, you'll come face to face with radical ideas about getting "RICH" that will fly in direct contrast to what you've been led to believe thus far. <--- For the record, getting "RICH" will be defined as $20,000 + per month.

Especially true...

If you're over the age of 28, then you will realize that you've most likely been working far too hard, for far too long and it's about time you change things up or else face the next 20 years on a treadmill, struggling to keep that weekly check coming to you.


Lets begin...

Ever since you were a youngster playing in the trees @ Grandmas house, you were taught that the basic components to creating a brighter future were...


A) Graduate high school
B) Go to college, get a degree
C) Find a job, work for 40 + years
D) Retire @ 65, with pension / retirement plan in check
E) Live happily ever after


How's That Plan Been Working Out?

“Shut up, you moron! Do as you’ve been
told. It’s for your own good!”


Scary isn't it?

Too see your loved ones putting blind faith in a process that no longer produces the intended outcome, yet so many are following in that same path, like lemmings off a cliff.


The Writing's On The Wall...

Corporate lay-offs. Pay-cuts. Rising costs. The instability of Social Security.

It can all be summed up in one word:


No one really knows what’s going to happen in the next 10, 15, 20 years.

You could be living high today, with the Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG Coupe sitting in the driveway. But tomorrow, be on the verge of losing it all, with one phone call, one memo, one dip in stock price.

"I'll Just Work Harder"...



Is that all your life is worth to you, to commit it to more hard work?

No one stood on their death-bed, wishing they had worked more hours at the office. Quite the opposite, actually.

Less time at the office, more time with the family, creating memories and experiences.

In fact...


  • Make money
  • To be stable and be able to live life knowing that i can expand knowledge and use that to get me further in life.
  • Increase income... working smarter and not harder like I am now!!!!!!!!
  • I am 82 yrs old, wife is 78. If I pass first, she is left with very little income. I need to leave her a legacy.
  • Family! Feeding and providing for them.
  • The ability to be my own boss.
  • I'm 62 years old and I need a back up plan or maybe a career change. I own my own company and make good money but it is a daily grind with no break in site. Ready for a change. Not too computer saavy!!!
  • Extra money for my freedom and help my family and others .
  • It is money honey... I need to get out of a bad living arrangement that I am in.
  • I have children that are very active and I need to be able to have freedom to go to all their sporting events.
floyd mayweather

common theme

No one hinted at wanting to be Floyd Mayweather rich, to be able to buy a $300K Ghost Phantom Rolls Royce, to be able to have the $10 million dollar mansion at the end of the cul-de-sac.


What matters more to people is the ability to be able
to provide for their families.


To be able to spend time with them, without threat of insubordination.

To be able to take quality weekends off, without being “chained” to the office.

To be able to give their kids (grandkids) all the spoils that life has to offer.

To be able to re-connect with their significant other over a long 4 day weekend.

To be able to put money away, to not have to stress over how to pay next months bills.

The Secret To Erasing Your Money Worries Forever...

You already know you work hard. You already know that there's little you can do in your existing situation to squeeze anymore lemonade out of the lemons you have.

So what's your next best option?

How to buy a "cash-generating-machine" that delivers
$20,000 or more per month...


One of the perks to buying into an existing (marketing) system is that 99% of the hard work has already been done for you.

Everything from the initial thought process, to the lay-out and design, to the script and technical issues, to the product being fulfilled for you, to the marketing being 100% turn-key.

All you have to do is jump in and take advantage of what's been handed to you.

FYI, this is one reason WHY franchises are so popular, because the bulk of the initial hard work has already been done, fine tuned, tested to work without flaw. The INCREDIBLE news is that you can have all of the advantages of a franchise, like being your own boss, controlling your schedule, making more money, respect of others around you, etc... but WITHOUT the $50,000 - $500,000 up-front fees attached!

Throw in the DONE FOR YOU marketing tools, and it's a no-brainer.

Stuff like ad co-ops, postcards, phone marketing systems, solo ads, lead capture pages, banner ads, etc...

Anything and everything you could need is available to you right now OR upon your request.

This Report Is A Prime Example Of Someone Leveraging
Our System For Their Gain

Someone sent you a copy of this report with the sole intention of allowing it go to work for them, i.e., marketing, educating, informing thousands of prospects, all automatically, on their behalf, 24/7.


Effortless automation, generating wealth on auto-pilot.

You see, this report is the very definition of

in action.

Did you know...

This report will be carried through airports by corporate $40,000/yr drones who are pissed at having to attend another stupid sales convention.

This report will be carried to the bedroom, hidden underneath the pillow, to prevent the "skeptical spouse" from raising hell at the sheer thought of you joining yet another "biz opp" program.

This report will be carried to the "Man Cave", to be secretly read, without judgement or ridicule, from friends, peers, co-workers.

This report will transform 1000s of peoples lives simply because it gives them the one thing that's missing from their daily routine.

When you lose hope, you lose the prospect of a better tomorrow. Therefore you give up. You stop trying to make things better, and you quietly sit back and allow life to pass you by.

Your Future Is Truly Unlimited...

By leveraging viral marketing tools like this report, we can help you create an unlimited Done For You "cash-generating-machine" that automatically does all of the pre-selling for you, so you don't have too.

From Any Internet Connection In The World...

Be it from a basement in Boise, Idaho, a beach in Eastern Europe or a mobile device in Las Vegas. You can set up and control an empire that makes you $20,000/mo starting right now.

Anyone Can Use The Done For You Tools To Make More Money With Less Effort


There are 3 main support beams to making this viral
cash machine work for you:

Leverage, i.e., to use
(something) to maximum advantage.
Automation, i.e., the use
of largely automatic
equipment in a system.
System, i.e., a set of
connected things or parts forming a complex whole.

Here's How We Apply All 3 Beams With Our Viral
$4.95 Lead Generating Postcard System

postcard system

A) We leverage the postcards, the recorded messages, the Post Office even, to make the deliveries for us.

B) We set this process up (1) time and then set it so it’s run on auto-pilot for us.

C) Collectively, each piece carries its own weight to make the entire process a turn-key system.

"You don't have time to (LEARN) how to be successful".

Too many people get caught up in spending all of their valuable time in learning. Which is fine, to some degree. But the learning should be only about 20% of your alloted business time, with marketing taking the lions share.

The trick is to immediately plug into a simple funnel that does 99% of the telling + selling for you. It's important to be able to do this so that you can gain momentum right out of the gate, like a racehorse at the Kentucky Derby.

Up next...

You Wanna See Our 3 Part Funnel That's Banking Money?

You probably do.

I'll reveal that to you in just a second.

First, I want to share something with you, that will literally knock your socks off...

$50,000 Per Month Is "Chump Change"...

Mark Yarnell, the super successful entrepreneur who built dynasties in programs around the globe, and retired a multi-millionaire many times over, once referred to $50,000 a month as being "chump change" because in his mind, it was. There was far too much money available in the universe to be settling for anything less, in his opinion.

What's most interesting about that statement is that its one mans BELIEF about what was possible. If you've never made $50,000 in a month, or never come anywhere close to that, your mind will instantly REJECT the notion that $50,000/mo is even doable. So you won't even try, much less get started, because in your mind, you've already defeated yourself by telling yourself it’s not possible.

What's The Point, You Ask?


The point is to be very careful with what you classify as being possible. In a home business like ours, it's not uncommon to experience $10,000 days.

That kind of money is available since our programs compensation plan rewards its business partners with 100% commissions, split over 2 levels, paid directly to you.

My hunch is that you'd be tickled pink if an over-night courier was hand delivering to you $10,000 in CASH and CHECKS.

Which leads to a great question to ask you...

How would you feel? Would you be excited, nervous even? Maybe a little reluctant, thinking it’s good to be true?

It's understandable to have all of those emotions your first time. I recall the first time Fed-Ex knocked on my door, to hand deliver an over-night envelope with $500 in it, from a dude in North Dakota. I tore that envelope open and out popped (5) $100 hundred dollar bills.

From there out, it was game on.

More followed, sometimes daily, most weekly.

It never gets old, picking up packages of money.

Now, lets jump back to that 3 Part Funnel, OK?

Here it is...

Our 3 Part Funnel That's Banking Money...


Grab the new report:
How To Collect All The
Money You'll Ever Need
(Pre-Sells, Pre-Qualifies)
Call our 24 Hr Sizzle
@ 555.555.5555
(Informs + Educates
+ Inspires)
Review the Tour Page: (Moves Prospect To
Getting Started)

When someone that we send to you signs up, they are sending you the majority of the money (90%). However you want.

Same Day Or Next Day?

You decide how you want to get paid. You control the flow of money. No one else.

This is yet another "perk" we have is that we get to DECIDE for ourselves, exactly how to get paid. Some of the obvisious choices would be CASH, MONEY ORDERS and CASHIERS CHECKS. But there's some out of the box ideas too, such as...

Cut Out The Middle Man,
Position Yourself in The Driver Seat!

With our big ticket program, we give you the reigns to get paid however you want, whenever you want. There's never waiting on a company check to arrive 45 days later, or not at all. You don't have to deal with billing, management, etc... You have full control.

You Can Do This Too...

Honestly, what we do as "entrepreneurs" is kind of silly, when you step back and look at what we do each day.

Typical day in the life of a Home Business Entrepreneur...


From that effort, consistently applied, it can materialize into real-world results that you can taste, touch, feel and experience.

For example...

This past Monday, I "skipped" work at the office (yes, I have an actual office, I'll explain in the PSS: below) and headed out to Cedar Point.

cedar point

No boss to check in with. No "calling off". No threat of punishment or write up.

And guess what? My lifestyle business generated multiples of income what I ended up spending at the park with 4 teenager girls in tow.

That's another PERK of this lifestyle business, is that you can do something one time, and then have it repeatedly produce results, over and over and over again, without fail. Regardless if you're present OR not!

This is FREEDOM, Baby!

You don't know how close you really are to having unlimited freedom. It's really a simple matter of deciding how bad do you want it? If you're sitting on the fence, still second guessing the words in this report, then I gotta tell ya, this probably isn't right for you. Unfortunately, you don't have what it takes to boldly step forward and claim what's rightfully yours.


On the other hand...

You could be ready.

Ready to play a little "bull slap" like the boys did in the movie, "Wild Hogs".

No fear. No hesitation. Get in there. Take charge. Be a boss.


Your next step is a very important one...

It's absolutely crucial that you take this information seriously. Please do not discard it as another one of those "pie-in-the-sky" deals that's chock full of hype and fluff.

This system (if used as intended) can consistently deliver $10,000 - $20,000 per month (or more) in big ticket commissions paid direct to your pocket. No middle man. No corporate hoops to jump through. No waiting 60 days for payment. Just simple, direct commissions, without the drama and downlines.

Here's what you need to do right now...

Go to this website for ALL of the information:

From that link above you'll be to access the entire 3 Step Big Ticket Money Funnel as well as pre-view an exclusive page set aside for some awesome fast action bonuses should you decide to lock arms with us within the next 72 hours!

But be aware...

We're not shy about turning people away, either, as we simply won't accept everyone. We actually turn people down every single day that just "weren't a right fit". Reason being is because we know what we have works. It's the closest thing to having a secret printing press hidden in your basement.

Shh... don't tell the Feds I said that!


The Warrior King


PS: Having a job sucks. It's a trap that pays you peanuts in exchange for your most valuable asset, i.e., YOUR TIME.

That, and it keeps you from your family 8-10 hours a day, causes you to miss your kids school events and maybe even requires you to spend large periods of time, away "on business".

Hey, I get it. That scenario works for some people.

But for myself, and others like me, it's akin to walking around in your version of a prison, living GroungHog day style, with handcuffs on, confined to a paycheck that they know you need, so you'll never do anything to escape.

This is (WHY) I elected to walk away from the restaurant management field as I could see in the future for me, was more of the same, i.e., 60-70 hour work weeks, nights, holidays, weekends too.

I didn't want that. My hunch is that you don't want that sort of lifestyle either.

PSS: About my not having an office... yes, it's TRUE. I elected to not work @ home, but instead have an office I rent about 7 minutes from my home. With a wife, 3 teenage daughters, 5 cats and 2 dogs, there's not much quietness, if you know what I mean.

PSSS: We hear them all the time. Professionals refer to them as "objections". We call them excuses. Here's a sampling of what we hear and what we reply in return:

Objection #1: I don't like to "sell" You don't have too. You can leverage our in-house call center staff to call your prospects for you. They'll follow up and close all of your leads for you, at no additional cost.

Objection #2: I don't have the time You can create the time. 1 hour per day, Mon-Fri is all it takes to get this new enterprise off the ground. For example, 30 minutes in the am, 15 minutes at lunch, 15 minutes before going to bed. More importantly, is to remember that what we're doing here is really gaining LEVERAGE using the unlimited power of the Internet, so it works for you, even if you're not.

Objection #3: I don't know how to market, get leads, etc.. That's Ok, While we share with you how to get more leads via your private member portal, you can be collecting leads from Day 1 from one of our available (always ON) Done For You lead co-ops, that's bringing in new leads daily.

Objection #4: I don't have the money What'd it be worth to you to not have to sit your kids down at the kitchen table, and never again have to tell them you can't afford it? (FYI... Which when you do that, subconsciously it's re-enforcing the belief that you're a loser that can't provide for your kids. So it's a never-ending vicious loop that feeds on itself, day after day after day. This is why people remain "stuck" for years! Harsh, yes! True, ABSOLUTELY!)

Your next step is a very important one...

It's absolutely crucial that you take this information seriously. Please do not discard it as another one of those "pie-in-the-sky" deals that's chock full of hype and fluff.

This system (if used as intended) can consistently deliver $10,000 - $20,000 per month (or more) in big ticket commissions paid direct to your pocket. No middle man. No corporate hoops to jump through. No waiting 60 days for payment. Just simple, direct commissions, without the drama and downlines.

Here's what you need to do right now...

Go to this website for ALL of the information:

From that link above you'll be to access the entire 3 Step Big Ticket Money Funnel as well as pre-view an exclusive page set aside for some awesome fast action bonuses should you decide to lock arms with us within the next 72 hours!

PSSSS: A.F.T. (Absolute Final Thought)

There are only (3) ways to have your own cash-generating, equity-building business...

A) You can start one from scratch (Hardest route to take, too many unknowns, failure rate is high)

B) You can buy a franchise, like say Papa Johns (Expensive, requires $250,000 minimum, w/i on-going royalties, fees)

C) You can buy a license to a "Done For You" Automated Big Ticket System (Easiest path to take, little risk, big rewards)